The EYE system from Eltex is capable of monitoring both the weft yarn and chopper yarns on a Composites Multi Axial Machine. It is designed to improve the efficiency and the quality and is essential to achieve a first quality product.

When a new design is introduced on the machine the Eltex EYE system will learn, during fractions of a second, in which sensor position yarns are moving. The yarn in these positions will be monitored and if any fault occurs, the machine will be stopped immediately. As soon as the system has learned the amount of yarns in operation, it is displayed on the operator terminal.


The EYE system contains of a Main Control Unit, an operator terminal and yarn break sensors. The Main Control Unit communicates with the sensors and the operator terminal. It processes all the data and gives stop and lamp indication signals when a yarn fault occurs.The touch screen operator terminal has a very user-friendly interface. The number of yarns in operation and position of yarn fault are clearly displayed. The Yarn break sensors use the well proven piezoelectric principle. They are robust and can work with a wide range of yarns and are not influenced by dust, dirt, humidity or ambient light. The sensors are available with 1, 8, 10 or 12 eyelets.



• Fast learning of positions in use (no ON/OFF switches on the sensors)
• Simple installation, service friendly, self diagnostic
• Automatic addressing of all the system parts
• Easy to change system configuration
• Simple connections with modular connectors
• Robust sensors in metal housings
• Sensor parameters can be set for different groups of yarn, ex. different for weft yarn and
chopper yarns
• The sensing of the yarns is synchronised with the weft carriers using the inhibit inputs
• I/O for one to six independent groups. The same control unit can be used for the weft and for the chopper yarns
• All events are logged in real time and can be used for statistics and diagnostics (For full benefit optional EYE-Analyzer must be used)
• The yarn fault position is showed both on the terminal and on the sensor
• CAN Bus (available for OEM interface)
• Networkable


• The operator terminal is in colour and avaiable in 4″ and 7″ screen sizes
• Sensors are available with 1, 8, 10 and 12 eyelets.
• Each eyelet has a LED to indicate yarn fault position. The LED can also show learned positions, etc.
• The master control unit has six sensor bus connections.
• Up to 16 single end sensors or 12 multi eyelet sensors can be connected to each sensor bus.