For artificial grass tufting Eltex can offer two alternatives, the EYE Compact system or the EYE system. One thing to consider before deciding which system to use is to look at the gauge of the machine. The gauge refers to the distance between the needles and is expressed in inches.


The EYE Analyzer is a powerful PC software package developed by Eltex to be used for collecting data from one or more Eltex Yarn Expert (EYE) yarn break detection systems. The data is compiled into various statistics displayed in graphs to be conveniently exported to excel or printed to PDF.

EYE Analyzer can also be configured to deliver its data directly into an existing plant monitoring software system. Once this software is put to work the operator soon finds out what a useful tool it is for locating weak points in the process and compiling statistics that can be used for evaluation at a later point. The collected statistics can also be very useful when calculating cost efficiency. It can be used when tufting carpets or artificial grass, on warping machines, and other applications.

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