Our history

For more than 50 years Eltex of Sweden has been the leading manufacturer of weft break sensors for the weaving industry. During this time, we have also been a trusted provider of sensors for the warping & winding industry and during the last decade also systems for the tufting industry. Innovation, experience and know-how has enabled us to perfect the function and reliability of our sensors. Having our own R&D in Sweden and manufacturing in Ireland also gives us the necessary control of product quality and flexibility in terms of production and logistics. But most importantly, we listen to our customers’ views and try to work out solutions together with them.


The idea …

Eltex started with one question… How to detect a broken / missing weft yarn in a shuttle weaving machine? In 1960 Åke Rydborn and Ragnar Henriksson asked themselves that question. They began to work on a solution in their hometown Älmhult Sweden, and in 1962 developed a prototype of the world’s first Electronic Weft-Stop-Motion.


The start of the company …

At the 1963 ITMA exhibition in Hannover Germany they unveiled their Electronic Weft-Stop-Motion. The exhibition was a big success and the product took off! On February 4th 1964 Eltex was founded in Älmhult Sweden. Although the first premises were a humble 12 m², by 1968 the company had a modern 3000 m² facility.


Over the years …

As the company grew it expanded its world-wide presence. Due to changes in the global textile market Eltex’s products became almost 100% exported outside of Sweden. To serve the world market it established a network of its own companies as well as representatives around the world.

In 1974 Eltex of Sweden, Inc. (now Eltex U.S., Inc.) was established in USA. In 1977 Oller Manufacturing (now Eltex Manufacturing Ltd.) was established in Templemore Ireland to be a second production facility for the group and is now the primary production facility for the group.

As time went by the company expanded its product range to include Energy Control Devices, Temperature & Humidity Loggers, Food Handling Safety Systems, and Military Grade Battery Chargers.


Building the future …

In 2007 the Rydborn family sold the Eltex Group in a management buy-out to Brian Hicks, Seamus O’Dwyer and Jonathan Bell. Today the Eltex Group is wholly owned by the Irish company Eltex Global Holdings Ltd. which in turn is owned by Brian Hicks, Seamus O’Dwyer and Jonathan Bell. Today, the head office Eltex of Sweden AB in placed in Osby, Sweden where it serves as Research & Development, Administration, and Global Sales for the group. Eltex Manufacturing Ltd. serves as the primary production facility for the group and Eltex U.S., Inc. serves as the group’s sales and service facility in North America, Canada and Mexico.

Eltex of Sweden AB

Eltex U.S. Inc.

Eltex Manufacturing Ltd.