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EYE Compact system

EYE - Eltex yarn expert

The Eltex EYE is a flexible system designed for yarn fault detection on tufting machines.
It is designed to improve quality and efficiency by reducing mending and down time.
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Warping & Winding

Warping & Winding

Eltex EYE System

Sensors for warping creels

EYE – Eltex Yarn Expert is a system which can not only handle yarn break sensors but it is also prepared for yarn tension.
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EyETM - Yarn tension monitoring

The EyETM system monitors the yarn tension on all positions in real-time. A minimum and maximum allowable tension value can be set. If any yarn’s tension is outside these values the operator can be warned or the machine can be stopped. The system can also be set to stop if a yarn’s tension value has exceeded the warning level for a pre-set amount of time.

Eltex EyETM greatly helps increase the quality of warp beams. The result is fewer problems, not only when warping, but also in the next step when weaving or tufting. The system is suitable for applications such as warping, winding and others.

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Eltex of Sweden is the leading manufacturer of weft break sensors for the weaving industry and has been for more than 45 years.
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Multi axial

The EYE system from Eltex is capable of monitoring both the weft yarns and chopper yarns on a Multi axial Warp Knitting Machine. It is designed to improve the efficiency of the machine and the quality of the fabrics which is essential to achieve a first quality product.
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By using Eltex Thread Stop Motion on the upper thread on a quilting machine the quality of the produced material will increase.
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Eltex thread break sensors are essential for quality seams on all type of sewing machines.
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Eltex is a member of Textile Machinery Association Sweden (TMAS) and American Floorcovering Alliance (AFA).