Flexi-Hub 15781


Connection board 16791

Eltex Flexi-Hub

Interface unit for G3s, EVG-s and UPG/UPG-Stitch sensors

The Eltex Flexi-Hub unit is an interface between the machine and Eltex standalone yarn break sensors. It is intended to be used when it is necessary to have a relay output from the yarn break sensors. It’s relay enables easy connection to the machine’s stop circuit. Additionally it has a running mode input allowing it to be synced with the machine, meaning it will only give a stop output when a yarn breaks and not when the machine is stopped for other reason, e.g. normal machine stops.

The Flexi-Hub 15781 can also be used for UPG and UPG-Stitch sensors when it is necessary to have a relay output in the installation. As the UPG and UPG-Stitch sensors have a different kind of connector the Connection board 16791 must be installed between the UPG/UPG-Stitch sensors and the Flexi-Hub unit.

The Connection board 16791 can also be used to make the cable connection more simple when G3s sensors are installed on a small creel with a left and a right side.




Connection with G3s or EVG-s

Connection to 16791 with G3s or EVG-s

Connection with UPG

Connection to 16791 with UPG