Eltex Tension Monitor

Sewing machine ETM model 14600

The Eltex Tension Monitor (ETM) is an on-line device for sewing machines
and similar applications. The device monitors the thread tension and also acts as a
thread break detector. It enables the operator to keep the thread tension within the
desired tension range for best operation and quality of the seam.

The ETM indicates, with LED’s, if the thread tension is outside the selected Indication
Limits. If the thread tension goes outside the selected Stop Limits, the ETM will
generate a stop signal to the machine.




Technical Features:

Supply voltage: 9–14 V DC
Maximum current consumption: 50 mA (typical value 32 mA)
Maximum current, stop output: 300 mA (NPN open collector)
Maximum voltage at stop output (relay coil): 30 V DC
Speed range: 80–10 000 RPM
Maximum voltage at Synchronization input: 30 V DC. Vinlow: 0–1.2 V
Vinhigh: 6.0–30 V
Working ambient temperature range: 15–45°C (60–110°F)
Stop pulse length: 2 seconds
Cable length between sensor head end electronics box: 100 mm (50–500 mm on request)
Electronic box dimensions (width x height x depth): 115 x 61 x 25 mm
Sensor head dimensions (width x height x depth): 25 x 42 x 29 mm


• Monitors thread tension according to selected Indication Limits.
• Generates stop pulse when thread tension is outside the selected Stop Limits.
• Separate sensor head and electronics enables fitting in tight areas.
• Easy setting and clear readings through standard code switches.
• LED indication at Synchronization input.
• Open collector stop output allows different power sources for stop relay.
• Factory calibrated – no manual reset.
• ESD protected inputs and outputs.
• Standard 9-pole D-sub connector.

Typical Application


• Improves sewing quality.
• Allows you to operate with the correct yarn tension.
• Acts as a thread stop motion / thread break detector.
• Protects against overtension.
• Alerts the operator to dirt and dust in the thread tensioners.
• Makes it easier for the operator to set the correct bobbin tension.
• Gives you a possibility to equalize the bobbin thread consumption (multineedle machines).


14600 – Calibrated for 0–1000 cN
14604 – Calibrated for 0–400 cN
14606 – Calibrated for 0–600 cN
Other tension ranges on request