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EYE Compact

The EYE Compact can be used in cases when the machine can handle more narrow gauges. Then it is possible to monitor more yarns in one single system. The EYE Compact can be used down to 1/10 inch gauges. We recommend not using the EYE Compact with gauges above 5/8 inches but this also depends on the machine and must be evaluated from case to case. For further information about different gauges see the EYE Compact Brackets guide below.

Available with 16 eyelets only.

Dimensions (mm)

EYE Compact 17561 drawing of dimensions


  • 100% of tufted yarns break end-outs detected when yarn falls out of the needle
  • Faulty yarn is specifically identified, resulting in more up-time
  • The sensors are normally fitted between the feeder rolls and the needles
  • Can be used for 1/10 to 5/8 inch gauges



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EYE Tufting manual.

EYE Tufting User’s Guide.


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