Stand-alone device

Eltex ACT

The ELTEX ACT (Automatic Control of Tension) is a stand-alone device. It will continuously monitor and control the yarn tension according to a reference setting tension point.

The ACT is designed to be used on for example air jet weaving machines, sewing machines and special machines like tampon making machines.


  • Improves the quality of the process.
  • Stabilizes the tension that will otherwise vary for example because of a full, medium or nearly empty bobbin.
  • Works even at very low tensions, less than 10cN.
  • The desired tension set value is easily entered with the touch screen.
  • Diff­erent brake executions according to the desired tensions
  • Low maintenance
  • Plug & Play system. Each unit works independently.
  • No communication must be established with the machine.


  • The ACT monitors and regulates the yarn tension continuously.
    Both the reference and real tension is displayed on the screen.
  • The reaction time of the system is adjustable.
  • An upper limit of the brake force can be set.
  • The ETM Solo sensor can be zero-set
  • Two ranges of tension available: 1 000 cN and 2 500 cN, depending on ETM Solo type.

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