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Eltex ACT-R

The ELTEX ACT-R (Automatic Control of Tension for Rapier machines) is a stand-alone device designed to regulate the weft yarn tension to a constant and required value on a Rapier weaving machine.

It is designed to be fi­tted after the prewinder, and it can be used on any type of Rapier machine.


  • Plug & Play system. Each unit works independently. No communication must be established with the weaving machine.
  • The ACT-R system can be used for any type of yarns. Due to the very good performance, it is especially valuable for technical fabrics.
  • The ACT-R system is compensating any differences in yarn tension that origins from irregularities in the yarn package.
  • The weft yarn tension is kept equal regardless of full, medium or nearly empty yarn package.
  • As the weft yarn tension does not fluctuate the quality of the produced fabric is increased.
  • The excellent response of the system enables to weave also dicult recycled yarns.
  • The smart yarn brake design results in low maintenance
  • The brake is very easy to clean.
  • If desired even only one of the weft yarns can be equipped with ACT-R.


  • The ACT-R automatically controls the yarn tension to the desired value. The desired tension is entered on the central unit.
  • Monitors the yarn tension continuously. The reference and actual tensions are displayed on the screen.
  • Possibility to make zero-set of the ETM Solo sensor.
  • Possibility to set the yarn brake in automatic or manual mode.

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