ETM Solo

Eltex ETM Solo

Continous monitoring of the yarn tension.

The Eltex ETM Solo is an on-line device designed for continuous monitoring of the yarn tension on textile machines. ETM Solo has Yarn motion signal output (Specific models). A separate Yarn Break Sensor is then not needed. The ETM Solo communicates via a digital bus system or an analog output. The yarn tension is measured as a force on the sensing element. The yarn angle across the element is predetermined by two ceramic guide bars. The necessary deviation is kept as small as possible. The yarn guides allow the yarn to enter and leave the unit at any angle. Fast sensor response enables monitoring of rapid changes in yarn tension. This allows it to be used, for instance, as a sensor for automatic control of yarn brakes.





• Monitors the yarn tension continuously
• The yarn can enter and leave the sensor at any angle
• Robust design
• Replaceable guide eyelets
• LED for status indication
• Models with Yarn motion signal available


• Improves production efficiency
• Improves production quality
• Simplifies setting of the yarn brakes
• Allows repeated style changes more efficiently and accurately
• Flash memory technique – future software upgrade possible
• Overload protection downwards and upwards
• Easy wiring with common cables/connectors

Application examples:

• Weaving, warping, winding machines
• Sensor for brake control

Dimensions (mm)


Eltex ETM Solo Viewer

Visualize yarn tension values.

The ETM Solo viewer, together with the ETM Sensor, makes it possible to view and evaluate the tension of a yarn in a wide range of applications. Without such a device the yarn tension is often unknown but can have a big impact on the final product. For example, on a dyeing line where the tension is important for the final yarn colour, or a winder where the final bobbin quality depends on the thread tension. Having the correct yarn tension does not only result in a high quality product but can also bring production and material cost down.

The following parts are needed:

ETM Solo sensor(s)
A PC computer
31020 ETM Solo viewer software
6883 CAN interface for the PC

65300 Modular cables
76620 Cable and power supply set
5015 Terminator for the CAN bus

ETM Features:

• The ETM Solo Viewer shows the graphs for up to 16 ETM-Solo sensors at the same time.
• The graph of the sensors can also be selected in groups of four.
• When the graph is viewed for one sensor the digital value is presented as well.
• It is possible to zoom the graph and to scroll along the yarn tension axis.
• The sample time can be selected. The minimum sample time is depending on the performance of the computer, but is normally around 40 ms.
• The yarn tension values can be logged into a file which can be exported to Excel.
• At power up the software detects the number of sensors automatically.



The ETM Solo Viewer set up:

System requirements for the computer:

Intel Pentium or compatible
Recommended 1 GHz clock frequency or higher. (Minimum 500 MHz clock frequency)
Recomended 512 MB RAM or more. (Minimum 256 MB RAM)
Hard disk:
Minimum 500 MB free space.
CD-ROM or DVD device.
Screen and graphics card with SVGA (800 × 600) or better resolution.
Compatible Operating system
• Windows 10 (with latest driver) • Windows 8 • Windows 7 • Windows Vista • Windows XP