Eltex ETM Solo Viewer

The ETM Solo viewer, together with the ETM Sensor, makes it possible to view and evaluate the tension of a yarn in a wide range of applications. Without such a device the yarn tension is often unknown but can have a big impact on the final product. For example, on a dyeing line where the tension is important for the final yarn colour, or a winder where the final bobbin quality depends on the thread tension. Having the correct yarn tension does not only result in a high quality product but can also bring production and material cost down.

The following parts are needed:

  • ETM Solo sensor(s)
  • A PC computer
  • 31020 ETM Solo viewer software
  • 6883 CAN interface for the PC
  • 65300 Modular cables
  • 76620 Cable and power supply set
  • 5015 Terminator for the CAN bus


  • The ETM Solo Viewer shows the graphs for up to 16 ETM-Solo sensors at the same time.
  • The graph of the sensors can also be selected in groups of four.
  • When the graph is viewed for one sensor the digital value is presented as well.
  • It is possible to zoom the graph and to scroll along the yarn tension axis.
  • The sample time can be selected. The minimum sample time is depending on the performance of the computer, but is normally around 40 ms.
  • The yarn tension values can be logged into a file which can be exported to Excel.
  • At power up the software detects the number of sensors automatically.

The ETM Solo Viewer set up

System requirements for the computer

Intel Pentium or compatible
Recommended 1 GHz clock frequency or higher. (Minimum 500 MHz clock frequency)
Recomended 512 MB RAM or more. (Minimum 256 MB RAM)
Hard disk:
Minimum 500 MB free space.
CD-ROM or DVD device.
Screen and graphics card with SVGA (800 × 600) or better resolution.
Compatible Operating system
• Windows 10 (with latest driver) • Windows 8 • Windows 7 • Windows Vista • Windows XP