Continuous monitoring of the yarn tension.

Eltex ETM Solo

The Eltex ETM Solo is an on-line device designed for continuous monitoring of the yarn tension on textile machines. ETM Solo has Yarn motion signal output (Specific models). A separate Yarn Break Sensor is then not needed. The ETM Solo communicates via a digital bus system or an analog output. The yarn tension is measured as a force on the sensing element. The yarn angle across the element is predetermined by two ceramic guide bars. The necessary deviation is kept as small as possible. The yarn guides allow the yarn to enter and leave the unit at any angle. Fast sensor response enables monitoring of rapid changes in yarn tension. This allows it to be used, for instance, as a sensor for automatic control of yarn brakes.


  • Monitors the yarn tension continuously
  • The yarn can enter and leave the sensor at any angle
  • Robust design
  • Replaceable guide eyelets
  • LED for status indication
  • Models with Yarn motion signal available

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  • Improves production efficiency
  • Improves production quality
  • Simplifies setting of the yarn brakes
  • Allows repeated style changes more efficiently and accurately
  • Flash memory technique – future software upgrade possible
  • Overload protection downwards and upwards
  • Easy wiring with common cables/connectors

Application examples

  • Weaving, warping, winding machines
  • Sensor for brake control

Dimensions (mm)

ETM-Solo drawing of dimensions


ETM-Solo connections

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