Eltex Yarn Expert -Tufting

Yarn fault detection for tufting machines.

The Eltex EYE is a flexible system designed for yarn fault detection on tufting machines. It is designed to improve quality and efficiency by reducing mending and down time.

  • EYE for tufting uses the Compact yarn sensors.
  • The sensors are normally fitted between the feed rollers and the needles.
  • 100% of Tufting Yarn Breaks / End Outs detected.
  • The sensors use the well proven piezoelectric principle.
  • The special compact design enables the sensors to be fitted on machines with a gauge as dense as 1/10th of an inch.

Compact II

On machines with limited space, due to puller rollers above the needles, the Compact II sensor can be installed instead. It can be installed on machines with a gauge as dense as 1/10th of an inch. The Compact II sensor requires less space on the machine with better access for the operator.

Available after Q3 2019.



17560 compact-1 (30 cm)

“100% detection of Tufting Yarn
Breaks and End Outs”

17570 Compact II logo A transparent B
Operator Terminal 11797 P180-768

Operator Terminal

The touch screen operator terminal has a very user-friendly interface. The number of yarns in operation and position of yarn fault are clearly displayed

Master Control Unit

The master control unit communicates with the sensors and the operator terminal. It processes all the data and gives stop and lamp indication signals when a yarn fault occurs.

Carpet & Grass tufting

Grass tufting panorama 2

Tufting end-out detection

17560 EYE Tufting Compact Mohawk (12)

Detects fault and stops machine

EYE Compact 17560 Tufting Ideal (16)



• 100% of Tufting Yarn Breaks / End Outs detected
• Faulty yarn is specificly identified, resulting in more up-time
• All events are logged in real time and can be used for statistics and diagnostics
• Networkable to a central database
• Automatic addressing of all the system parts
• Easy to change system configuration
• Fast learning of positions in use (no ON/OFF switches on the sensors)
• Simple cables with modular connectors
• Robust sensors in metal housings
• Sensor parameters can be set for different groups of yarns
• Ethernet, CAN Bus, or Modbus (available for OEM interface)
• Easy mounting of sensors

Dimensions (mm)

TA-0516-02 17560 Compact Sensor Dim

Dimensions (mm)
Compact II

Compact II