Flexi-Hub 15781

Flexi-Hub 15781


Connection board 16791

Eltex Flexi-Hub

Interface unit for G3s, EVG-s and UPG/UPG-Stitch sensors

The Eltex Flexi-Hub unit is intended to be used when it is necessary to have a relay output from the yarn break detection sensors. It has an relay output and is used as an interface between the machine and Eltex standalone yarn break sensors. Further has the Flexi-Hub a running mode input. If it is connected to the machine, the Yarn break detection will be disabled when the machine is not operating. I.e the Flexi-Hub will not send a stop signal if the machine is stopped for another reason than yarn break.

The Flexi-Hub 15781 can also be used for UPG and UPG-Stitch sensors when it is necessary to have a relay output in the installation. As the UPG and UPG-Stitch sensors have a different kind of connector the Connection board 16791 must be installed between the UPG/UPG-Stitch sensors and the Flexi-Hub unit.

The Connection board 16791 can also be used to make the cable connection more simple when G3s sensors are installed on a small creel with a left and a right side.





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