With current logic output

Eltex weft sensors G3w

The G3w weft break sensor operates on the piezoelectric principle. The yarn movement is transferred into an electric signal, which is amplified and evaluated within the sensor. The weft sensor has a current logic output and is manufactured with 4 or 8 eyelets. A green light emitting diode indicates when a yarn is moving. The G3w weft sensor will detect single and double weft insertions, and also detect if too many wefts are inserted.

Available with 4 or 8 eyelets. The G3w weft sensor can replace E2016, E2060, E2071 and E2070 weft sensors.


  • Low, rounded housing.
  • Short distance between pivot point and eyelet.
  • High sensitivity to weft yarn movements.
  • High immunity to compressed air and electrical interference.
  • Allows a large yarn angle through the eyelets without touching the aluminium housing.
  • Piezoelectric sensor with proven reliability

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Eltex weft sensor G3w manual.

Available on special models

  • CAN bus interface, which allows:
  • Individual setting for each eyelet for optimised sensing performance.
  • Possibility of statistics.
  • Automatic gain setting.

Advantages, EYE Compact systems

The G3w weft sensor can replace E2016, E2060 and E2071 weft sensors. E2070, without gain potentiometer and used only for either single or double weft insertion, can also be replaced by the G3w. Eltex can supply adapter connectors and adapter cables. Please mention the part number to replace.

Dimensions (mm)

G3w drawing of dimensions
G3w drawing of dimensions


G3w DB9M connection drawing