Eltex G3s Yarn Break Sensor

With optocoupler output.

G3s is a yarn break sensor that uses piezoelectric technology to detect yarn movement (not presence) of all types of yarns in many different applications. It does not require a Central Control Unit, making it very cost effective. G3s is designed to detect yarn breaks on creels and other textile machines with up to 120 yarns. The sensor is available with 8, 10 or 12 eyelets and can be connected together. They are then connected to a PLC or any other electronic devices like relays, I/O modules, etc

When it is not possible to connect the Eltex sensors G3s, EVG-s or UPG directly to the machine control (PLC), the Eltex FlexiHub can instead be used.





  • Operates without a traditional Central Control Unit
  • Cost effective
  • Robust
  • Works with a wide range of yarns
  • Not influenced by dust, humidity or ambient light
  • Simple and quick connection with modular connectors
  • One command learning
  • One command sensitivity adjustment
  • LED indication of active eyelets and status of the sensitivity setting


Each sensor has two 6-pole RJ12 modular connectors. Using modular cables, several sensors can be connected together and / or connected to a PLC or relay.

Setting the sensitivity

The sensitivity has 8 levels. With one command all connected sensors are adjusted at the same time.

Learn command

When the number of yarns in operation is changed, the active / inactive status of the eyelets can easily be set accordingly by activating the learn command. For sensors connected to a PLC, the sensitivity adjustment and the learning can be set from it.

For sensors connected to a relay, external push buttons must be used.

The sensitivity and learned status will remain in the memory until new settings are made, even when the power is switched off.

Dimensions (mm)