EYE Compact II

EYE Compact II is the successor of the EYE Compact and shares the same proven technique, but in a minuaturized format. With a much smaller size comes the possibility to mount it on modern graphics driven machines where space is often more limited. This makes it impossible for the regular EYE Compact to be mounted and the EYE Compact II must be used instead. The EYE Compact II can be used down to 1/10 inch gauges. We recommend not using the EYE Compact with gauges above 5/8 inches but this also depends on the machine and must be evaluated from case to case.


  • 4 mm eyelet diameter
  • 100% of Tufting Yarn Breaks / End Outs detected.
  • Can be used for 1/10 to 5/8 inch gauges
  • Faulty yarn is specifically identified, resulting in more up-time
  • The sensors are normally fitted between the puller rollers and the needles
  • 1/3 in size compared to the EYE Compact sensor


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EYE Tufting manual.

EYE Tufting User’s Guide.


Advantages, EYE Compact systems

  • 100% of tufted yarns break and end-outs detected when yarn falls out of the needle
  • Faulty yarn is specificly identified, resulting in more up-time
  • Less or no mending time where some carpets are not even possible to mend
  • Allows the operator to work on several machines simultaneously
  • Detects if the yarn jump from one needle to another which is not easy to see manually
  • Higher quality due to shortfalls in the carpet with increased efficiency as a result
  • More production due to very fast reaction time
  • All events are logged in real time and can be used for statistics and diagnostics
  • Networkable to a central database
  • Fast learning of positions in use (no ON/OFF switches on the sensors)
  • Simple cables with modular connectors
  • Robust sensors in metal housings
  • Sensor parameters can be set for different groups of yarns
  • Ethernet, CAN Bus, or Modbus (available for OEM interface)
  • Easy mounting of sensors
  • Automatic addressing of all the system parts
  • Easy to change system configuration


They EYE Compact II system contains of the EYE Compact II sensors, a Main Control Unit and an operator terminal. The Main Control Unit communicates with the sensors and the operator terminal. It processes all the data and gives stop and lamp indication signals when a yarn fault occurs.The touch screen operator terminal has a very user-friendly interface. The number of yarns in operation and position of yarn fault are clearly displayed.

Dimensions (mm)

Compact II dim

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