Reliable weft break sensors

Eltex of Sweden is the leading manufacturer of weft break sensors for the weaving industry and has been for more than 50 years. Our extensive experience and know-how has enabled us to perfect the function and reliability of our sensors.

Weft Break Sensors:


Eltex piezoelectric weft break sensors are optimised for best performance and are designed to fit the requirement of each individual machine type. They sense the weft yarn over the entire fabric width detecting all type of weft faults resulting in a high quality fabric. By using CAN Bus the sensor has the possibility to communicate with the weaving machine to further improve the performance.

Air jet

The Eltex optical weft break sensor is designed to detect the weft insertion arrival on Air Jet weaving machines. This sensor is of the reflecting type. It’s mounted in front of the reed and is moveable to coincide with any fabric width without cutting the reel.

Tension Monitor:

ETM Solo

The Eltex Tension Monitor, ETM Solo, is designed for continuous monitoring of yarn tension on textile machines. Fast sensor response enables monitoring of rapid changes in yarn tension.