EVG-s yarn break sensors

EVG-s yarn break sensors are designed for general purpose use. They are robust, with
a metal housing. The piezoelectric principle is used to detect the yarn movement. This working principle makes them suitable for all types of yarn and makes them insensitive to dust, dirt and humidity variations.
Each sensor has a double modular connector, so they can easily be connected in parallel.
The sensors can be used with a PLC or many other electronic devices like relays, I/O modules, etc.

When it is not possible to connect the Eltex sensors G3s, EVG-s or UPG directly to the machine control (PLC), the Eltex FlexiHub can instead be used.

Item no Eyelet Notes

Closed Ø 6,5 mm

16521 Open
16522 Closed Ø 9 m
16523 Quick thread
16530 Closed Ø 6,5 mm Air noise filtered
16531 Open Air noise filtered
16532 Closed Ø 9 mm Air noise filtered
16533 1Quick thread Air noise filtered

Technical Specifications

Housing: in zinc metal
Power supply:
17–30 V DC smoothed ripple.
NB! The negative supply must be connected to earth ground to provide proper shielding.
Current consumption: Max. 15 mA
Optocoupler output:
The optocoupler is open (off) when the sensor is on and the yarn is moving and also when the sensor is off.
The optocoupler is closed (on) when the sensor is on and the yarn is not moving.
Max. load on output: 50 mA
Reaction time: 120 ms
Sensors connected together
Not more than 70 sensors should be connected in one chain.
For larger applications the Eltex EYE System is recommended.

For more technical information see instruction leaflet TH-0331.

Function description

  • The sensing eyelet is made of aluminium oxide ceramic. The output reflects the movement of the yarn.
  • At power-on, sensing is automatically on.
  • The sensors can be switched off by the touch button or via a terminal in the connector. When switched off, the sensors will automatically resume sensing when yarn movement is detected continuously for seven seconds.
  • Two dual colour LEDs indicate the state of the sensor.
  • The LEDs are red when the sensor is off, steady green when on and yarn movement is detected, and slow flashing green when on but no yarn movement is detected.
  • The LEDs also show the current sensitivity setting.
  • The sensitivity setting can be changed with the touch button or via a terminal in the connector.
  • The sensors are protected against wrong polarity on the power supply.

Dimensions 16520 (mm)

Dimensions 16521 (mm)

Dimensions 16523 (mm)